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Four of Cups
Four of Cups shows you that you are 'full' with something. You are more than stuffed. You've got what you wanted, but you got more than that. You are overfed. This may lead to a bad feeling either about yourself or about your wishes and desires.

It may also lead to grumbling, stubbornness and arguments. In any case, this card warns you to not linger in this feeling of discontent. Do something about it!

Love and relationships
In the area of your personal relationships this card indicates a poisonous atmosphere between you and someone you know. Are you blinded by jealousy or is there another reason you feel hurt? Four of Cups encourages you to open up to reconciliation and to let love flow freely again.

Work and career
Regarding your work this tells you that your motivation has dropped to absolute zero. You may be offended at your job or received some criticism. Fact is you are angry and full of self-pity. How are you going to change this situation?

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