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The Hierophant
This card is also known as The High Priest (as counterpart to the High Priestess) and stands for the religious world and the deep faith that springs from our beliefs.

Keywords associated with The Hierophant are faith, self-confidence and faith in what the future brings. Traditionally this card is one of the three protective cards of the Tarot.

Besides the above-mentioned values, The Hierophant points to the path of ethics and virtue. The card stands for your personal intentions, which emanate from the moral basic values that form the core of your life.

Love and relationships
In your personal relationships The Hierophant tells you that the affection you feel for and the faith you have in the other is growing. In addition, your ideals regarding relationships become stronger and that personal virtues determine your behaviour.

Work and career
Regarding your work The Hierophant shows you that you are searching for deeper meaning. This may concern yourself or your work. It may be that you are searching for your vocation. This card may also indicate that you must remain loyal to moral principles.

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