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Three of Swords
Three of Swords is often misinterpreted because of what it depicts. Many people thins this card symbolises heartache. This is however only a part of this cards meaning.

The most significant meaning of Three of Swords is that you have taken a decision against your own feelings. This can be liberating in case you got stuck in questionable habits but it's not always wise to let your sense rule you feelings.

Love and relationships
In the area of personal relationships the Three of Swords often indicates heartache. This doesn't necessarily indicate the ending of a relationship.

It may indicate a feeling of guilt following a quarrel or another stressful event. It could also be that you are disappointed in love as it is.

Work and career
Regarding your work this card shows you that you are on the verge of making choices that go against your feelings. This may indicate that you take on a task you actually don't like so much, or that you are forced to do some work you do not really want to do.

Three of Swords may also indicate that you have been offended during your work.

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