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Free Single Card Reading

What wisdom is on offer today? What will the Tarot tell you? Relax and take a question in mind. Now draw a Tarot card! It only takes one mouse click on the Tarot deck of your choice.

Rider Waite Tarot
De Rider Waite is a 'standard' tarot-deck. It is designed at the beginning of the twentieth century and forms the basis of many Tarot decks designed later on.
Druid Craft Tarot
Two witches have invented the Druid Craft Tarot. They combined the symbolism from the classic Tarot with elements from Paganism and Wicca. The result is a powerful and beautifully illustrated Tarot deck.
Housewives Tarot
The Tarot does not always have to be taken seriously. The so-called Housewives Tarot with its fifties illustrations proofs this. The symbolism is no less though!

Tarot may help or guide you with problems or with decisions, but please keep in mind that the Tarot does not decide for you. You and you alone can take decisions. So you are at all time responsible for your own behaviour.

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