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Two of Clubs
Within the Tarot deck Two of Clubs is probably the strangest of cards. Would you summarise the meaning of this card then it would say 'indifference'.

Nothing seems to get you anymore. You seem to have blocked all that really matters. When people ask you how you feel you say things such as 'OK, really', 'just keeping alive' or 'neither good nor bad'. But is this really the case? How do you really feel?

Love and relationships
In the area of your personal relationships this card warns you for the fact that you seem to block of the people close to you. You are lukewarm and indifferent to love.

It doesn't really get to you. Look into the mirror and give an honest answer to the question what is most important to you right now? What do you need in love?

Work and career
Regarding your work this card shows you that do your job without much interest or engagement. It may also be that you try to take a neutral position in your work. Are you happy with this attitude?

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