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Nine of Clubs
Nine of Clubs beams stubbornness and resistance. Whatever or whoever will go into a skid, it certainly isn't you.

It is unclear whether it is a threat that makes you unwilling to budge an inch in a certain case. You brace yourself regardless of the outcome. Question is, is this really wise?

Love and relationships
In the area of your personal relationships is Nine of Clubs indicates that you are afraid of being hurt by your partner. Are there rivals in the field? Are you afraid of not being appreciated?

You shield yourself to prevent being touched. Your armour may protect you, but be aware of the fact that this armour at the same time shuts you down from love and receiving love. Is that really what you want?

Work and career
Regarding your work this card indicates that you feel threatened. Perhaps not unjustly. It may be that someone is settles an unpaid bill with you or wants to put something right.

Be honest with yourself and also see your own mistakes. That is the only way to move on and to survive this period with minimal damage and pain.

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