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Ten of Clubs
Ten of Clubs expresses depression. You are afraid that, after having had a difficult time, you will have to quaff the bitter cup once more.

Perhaps you feel as if you have no role in this and these things just happen to you, but have a look a this card then. It depicts a person holding clubs quite clumsily. Maybe your clumsiness plays a role as well? What is your share in everything that happens?

Love and relationships
In the area of your personal relationships Ten of Clubs indicates that you, with or without partner, see no way out of a current (love-) situation. Self-pity lies in wait. However if you really want to solve these problems, self-pity won't help you.

Work and career
Regarding your work this card shows you that you are dealing with stress and responsibilities. Can you still carry the ballast and does it make you happy?

Maybe it's wise to ask yourself if taking on less work might actually lead to better results.

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