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Tarot card readings: a short tutorial

Many people that draw Tarot cards feel insecure about whether they actually do it right. There is no need for that! Whatever method you use: if it feels right, it is right. Below you will find some tips and tricks that may help you to get more out of the Tarot.

In most cases you will draw Tarot cards for yourself so to get answers to questions you go about with. The card may help you to see things more clearly.

Tarot reading works best when you do this in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere. When you are feeling tired, desperate or restless you may first want to meditate for a while to clear your head.

There are many different Tarot deck in circulation. Most of these are based on the images (and symbolism) of the famous Rider-Waite Tarot deck. Which deck suits you most, you will find out through using them for a while. You will soon find out which Tarot deck 'feels good'. On this website you can try out various Tarot decks.

What to ask?
There are many ways to consult the Tarot, as well as many purposes to do so. There are also many reading methods to apply, depending on the situation at hand. For example, you can ask the Tarot about your current state of mind, about underlying tendencies or use it as a guide when making decisions.

Naturally, you can also just simply draw a card. This is an effective method for beginners to get used to the reading and meanings of the cards. Drawing a card of the day is also great way to hear that the cards have to say, each day.

Keep in mind that you cannot consult that Tarot with 'yes' or 'no' questions. The Tarot does not contain yes/no-cards. To get the most out of a Tarot reading it is best to ask debatable questions.

By the way, Tarot may help or guide you with problems or with decisions, but please keep in mind that the Tarot does not decide for you. You and you alone can take decisions. So you are at all time responsible for your own behaviour.

Shuffling and interpreting the cards
There is no set of rules when it comes to shuffling the Tarot deck. It is however important that you do the shuffling with care and attention. A card that 'jumps' out of the deck while shuffling deserves special attention. Take a good look at this card and think about what it might mean that this particular card jumped out.

When you draw multiple cards it is recommended to lay these card face down. It is best to only turn the cards over after you've drawn all cards and have put the Tarot deck away. Then you can start with the interpretation or reading.

Absorb the card that lay before you and pay close attention to your first impressions. The illustrations mirror your subconscious and give way to your profound inner self.

There are no 'good' or 'bad' cards. Naturally, some cards are more pleasant than others. This is part of the Tarot, just like rain is part of the weather.

Each card has its own reading, however feel free to deviate from the 'official' meaning when you feel you should. Try to fathom the meaning of each card and specifically think about what each card you draw means to you or to your situation. What do the cards tell you?

Also, immerse yourself in the overall image of the card that lies before you. Try to unite the various meanings of the cards so to create a coherent answer to your question.

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