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Ace of Swords
Each Ace in the Tarot deck embodies a possibility you carry with you. The Ace of Swords indicates higher reason.

You have a clear vision on everything and you decide without having doubts. With your clear vision you take the right decisions concerning a particular issue. You dare to make choices without having 'The Sword of Damocles' hanging above your head.

Love and relationships
In the area of your personal relationships, the Ace of Swords stands for the clarifying conversation following a period full of conflict. This card is often viewed as cold and down to earth.

In this sense, the Ace of Swords could indicate a certain distance within a relationship.

Work and career
Regarding your work this card tells you that you will let some fresh air will blow through your old patterns.

You feel bright and capable of solving complex issues. This card may also indicate that you're thinking of performing a clarifying conversation with a colleague. Please do so!

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